Dear unique human being

Dear unique human being,


How nice and special that you arrived at this site.

Everyone in life feels the need for love, kindness, friendliness, affection, a comforting word, some chit-chat or a shoulder to lay your head on. Someone with whom you can do fun, extraordinary and exciting things when you feel the need.
A nice person to have conversations with about the things that are important in life for you.
Someone to share things with that have the value for you that you give to life.
Someone you can talk to about awareness and everything connected with it.
A man or woman who is on the same page and wherewith you have a extraordinary click which gives a base of trust, compassion, respect and empathy.

Are you in search of a nice woman/man in your life, as friend, chat buddy, just for the company, as diner-friend, partner for life or for whatever reason, your at the right place at MATCHMAKING IN HEAVEN.
You can create a profile on this matchmaking site and sent it to us.
We will use your information with the utmost respect and confidentiality.
We will never match you to someone without consulting you first.