How does it work.

Eternal love

As soon as you created your profile and have sent it back to us you will be in our matchmaking files.
We prefer to have a personal conversation with you after receiving your profile, so we can meet face to face and you can tell us more about your profile if you wish.
This is not mandatory but it does give us more insight in who you are and who you want to find and maybe for you it's nice to know who will make the match for you.
It gives you and us a bit more insight and trust.
We will search in our files for a good match based on your interests, your preferences and very important, what kind of match you are looking for.
When we feel we have found a good match we will contact you, either by mail or by phone (depending on your preference) and discuss the details.
When both persons are okay with it then the profile of the other will be mailed to you.
When both of you are willing to be matched we'll talk with both to see in what way that will happen.