Beautifull Heart

What makes us different from other sites that do matchmaking.

We tune into every person that has registered.
That means that sometimes a match can be made purely based on that empowerment while the profile of the other person might not be a complete match with yours.
This enlarges the chance of finding the right person to be matched with you.
Because sometimes there are different interests but will it feel completely right.
If we would only match using your profile and look at the practical things you would miss out on a very essential aspect in a match: the hart to hart click you two could share together.

So, what makes us unique is:

We will treat every person who registers with purity, respect and trust.
The personal approach and treatment of everybody who has a profile in our files is very important to us.
Precisely this personal touch makes that MATCHMAKING IN HEAVEN is distinctly different from normal datingsites.
We make the selection for the match, MATCHMAKING IN HEAVEN is not a site where you can browse through the profiles yourself.
The big advantage of this is that you won't skip certain people because of your own convincements from the past, also no preconceived opinions are in the way while matching with your profile.
Ofcourse we will take your profile into account and everything you filled in on it.

Important: The moment you want your profile to be taken out of our files, for whatever reason, we will take it out and delete it immediately.
You will recieve an email to confirm your deregistration at MATCHMAKING IN HEAVEN.