2.Are you a man or a woman Man Woman
3.Residence (City)
4.Age years
5.Phone number
6.E-mail address
7.I'm looking for a man woman as: Penpal
Chat buddy
Good friendship
Someone to do fun things with
Diner friend
Partner for life
Don't know yet
8.What interests you
9.Where do you stand in life as a human being
10.What is your view on life
11.How would you characterize yourself
12.What do you dislike
13.What makes you happy
14.Are you interested in
awareness/depth in life

Yes No
15.What music do you prefer
16.If you would go to the movies,
what movie would you choose

17.Do you like reading, and if so,
what is the most beautiful book you have read
Yes :
18.Do you like going out
and if so, what is your preference
Yes :
19.Do you like animals Yes No
20.Are you a vegetarian Yes No
21.What food do you prefer
22.Do you like traveling Yes No
23.Do you like sports Yes No
24.How would your favorite holiday look like,
how, where and what
If you feel you missed a couple of things in the questions above that you do want in your profile, you can write them down here. You may write down anything that is important to you.
How do you want us to contact youBy Phone Mail Both
Can we use your information for matchmaking Yes, I hereby give my permission to use
the given information for matchmaking ONLY
When you have filled in everything, send your profile to us
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